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Zaanse Schans (Dutch Countryside)

Can you believe these views are just 20 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Amsterdam? Zaanse Schans, Netherlands (@theranoosharma, @theplatinumtravelgirl) On my third trip day, as I wandered, well not wandered but shopped, around Amsterdam Centraal, I came across a lot of tourist tours. There were a lot of tours and trips to Zaanse Schans that were advertised all over the station. Not wanting to get cramped up in some bus with a group tour, I ditched the tour operators, and I asked the station staff as to how can I get there. The staff was kind enough to explain everything to me. Multiple trains are leaving periodically from the Centraal to Zaanse Schans. After grabbing a water bottle and a protein bar. I hopped on one at around 10 am, and within 20 minutes, at the stop after Zaandam, I stood at a quaint little station. The ticket costs you about 10-15 euros, back and forth. It was a beautiful sunny day, with a little rain shower here and there. I walked out o

How to make sure your travel plans are always insured!

A friend of mine was saving up for this quick trip to Malaysia, she saved up for quite some time, but on March 14th, 2020, she realized that she would have to cancel all her tickets. It wasn't a pretty sight as she did end up paying way too much for things that she will never get to do. I will urge you to stay at home and practice social distancing until the authorities say otherwise. Events and things can spring up on anyone at any moment. I am sure due to this worldwide calamity, a lot of us would have to cancel our travel plans. Be it business, work, or leisure travel plans. There are always a few ways to "insure" your travel plans so that your money and investment is still protected in-case you need to shift or cancel them. After traveling worldwide for over a decade, here are a few pointers that I have learned to protect travelers financially, Always have travel insurance. When you apply for visas or even have a visa on arrival, a lot of coun