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Amsterdam, Netherlands: Arrival Experience

Amsterdam Canals Copyright: Ranoo Sharma (@theranoosharma, @platinumtravelgirl) My arrival experience at Amsterdam was undoubtedly eventful. I was a little tired from the long flight, and the long line at immigration didn’t help either. Once I reached the booth, the officer asked the usual questions. As I was a solo traveler, he was a little skeptical, so he asked me for my hotel reservations. You must always have all your documents and bookings in hand. I had a full file of all my planned activities, with tickets neatly stacked in a folder. He flipped through the folder, satisfied, stamped my passport, and I was finally ready to take on Amsterdam after taking on my baggage, of course. I did look into buying a SIM card before my arrival and picking it up at the Amsterdam airport but honestly couldn’t find anything relevant, so my first task after immigration was to hunt for a local SIM card.   I was greeted by one of the most vibrant sites to see, the airport had an array of

About Me

Me (Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands) A very warm welcome to my travel blog! :)  For those of you out there reading this, kudos! You are actually taking a step to know someone on a personal level; seriously, you deserve to be in the top 1%, top 1% of compassionate humans at least.  As most of those food blogs begin, I am currently sitting under the stars on my rooftop. Not really under the stars because of pollution and stuff. By now, you know I don’t want to take my introduction to you too seriously. I had wanted to start this blog almost two years ago. It is crazy how much anxiety and self-doubt could delay your plans.  Anyway, better later than never, right? I started traveling when I was 17 years old, I have lived, when I say lived I have spent more than two years each in the USA, Spain, UAE, and my beloved home country of India. Plus, I have traveled to a dozen more and counting to date. And what person better to give you travel advice than a serial traveler?  Welcome to my