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Me (Place: Amsterdam, Netherlands)

A very warm welcome to my travel blog! :) 

For those of you out there reading this, kudos! You are actually taking a step to know someone on a personal level; seriously, you deserve to be in the top 1%, top 1% of compassionate humans at least. 

As most of those food blogs begin, I am currently sitting under the stars on my rooftop. Not really under the stars because of pollution and stuff.

By now, you know I don’t want to take my introduction to you too seriously. I had wanted to start this blog almost two years ago. It is crazy how much anxiety and self-doubt could delay your plans. 

Anyway, better later than never, right?

I started traveling when I was 17 years old, I have lived, when I say lived I have spent more than two years each in the USA, Spain, UAE, and my beloved home country of India. Plus, I have traveled to a dozen more and counting to date.

And what person better to give you travel advice than a serial traveler? 

Welcome to my travel blog *officially* I hope to grab your favorite snack and stay awhile. I have in-depth guides, tips, and plans for many different countries. Choose the one you fancy and visit your ideal destination through my perspective.

I also deemed that a ton of travel content was surrounded around being a pretty dress in a somewhat staged setting. I want to write about the nitty-gritty and honest stuff that goes behind traveling to that destination, not just for a picture but for the experience. 

When I read tourist guides, I always felt that my real-life experience differed from what was described. Not that they aren't accurate, but they may fudge the details a bit for aesthetic purposes. 

I also felt the need for a more comprehensive experience that gave you the pros and cons of the whole experience. 

I wanted my posts to give actual value to people, the nitty-gritty, and my honest travel experience. I have invested a lot of hours and resources to bring you the top travel content! You will get practical tips and plans to make your travel so much easier. 

Thank you and Happy Travels :)


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