Yes, travel can improve your mental health!

"Not all those who wander are lost." – J.R.R Tolkien (English writer and poet)

Traveling has the power to change your life in many ways. When you travel to someplace new, you open yourself up to new experiences and extend your comfort zone. Travel has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety and depression by encouraging gratitude and boosting happiness and satisfaction. Because travel changes who we are for the better. 

Stepping outside of your comfort zone is something we talk about a lot because it is a vital tool that makes you grow as an individual. It breaks down barriers and old patterns that are holding you back. Once you let those barriers down or conquer them by doing something that scares you or makes you feel uncomfortable, you are letting yourself develop into a more experienced version of yourself. 

With every trip you take, you explore yourself - Once you explore different places, cultures, and lifestyles, you will feel the vastness of this planet, and this helps you widen your perspective. You don't get as angry as you used to. You are okay with trying new things. You accept people as they are. And you know that you do all this because you come back a little wiser and a little calmer with every trip you take. With every trip that you take, you explore yourself as well as the world.

Travel refreshes your mood - You have left all your worries behind and live in the moment as you navigate the novelty of your new environment. Removing the stress and routine of your life can help you feel relaxed and energized. Also, when you travel for leisure, you have no tasks or deadlines to follow. This can be a nice break from your daily activities. For example, it is hard to let go of some thought patterns when you are stuck in the same environment; when you travel, you break the thought cycle, which can be extremely helpful.

Travel recharges you - A lot of people may not realize, but following a rote routine every day being surrounded by the same problems or people day in and day out can drain your energy. If you feel drained out, you may need a change of scenery to recharge yourself. 

I remember seeing a post some time ago where the author mentioned that travel doesn't necessarily help sadness or depression. It said, "People tell me to travel to Paris to be happy. I can go to Paris and be sad under the Effiel too." Although I understood what the author meant, it seemed as if they were looking at travel from a very naive perspective. Your mindset comes into play too. You have to be ready to release your patterns for a few days and enjoy the beauty around you. Travel isn't a drug that will instantly chase your depression away, but it can certainly help you break the thought cycle, and sometimes that is enough. 

You become more open-minded. - Travelling gets you out of your comfort zone. You meet new people, see new things, and come into contact with cultures utterly different from yours. That can help you see the world and your own beliefs from a different perspective. 

Often, people around me claim that I have significantly "modern" beliefs, and I tell them that you haven't traveled enough. 

Loneliness won't bother you anymore - When you spend time with yourself, exploring new places and being with your thoughts, you establish a strong bond with yourself. You may also discover things about yourself that you didn't before, and that makes you stronger. For example, traveling to foreign lands has helped my confidence and helps me deal with a variety of people in the business world with ease.

You learn that it's the journey that is important - The destination is just the excuse. It's the journey that delights you, changes you, and makes you a better person. It's the journey that teaches you all the lessons.

It changes you for the better - Traveling changes who you are as a person for all the reasons stated above. It's something that you don't realize you need until you do it. It brings out a different side of who you are as an individual. Take advantage of the opportunities you have. It's easier than ever before to travel these days, and I promise you, it is something you won't ever regret.

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