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Amsterdam Ice-Bar

Amsterdam Ice Bar experience is something you are bound to come across when you search about “things to do in Amsterdam.” I wasn’t for the idea when I saw it for the first time, as I thought it might just be an ice restaurant. But still, as I wanted to experience everything Amsterdam had to offer, I needed to book the tickets and choose an appropriate time slot for the experience. Once I reached the place, I was greeted by a statue of a Polar Bear that was standing on its two legs. I had way too much fun clicking pictures with it, so much so that I missed half of the starting movie that they were playing for the experience. You get two tokens for alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks for the bar included in the ticket. Once we entered the area, the cold was evident, and we were given jackets and gloves to put on as we were led to the bar’s entrance. The pathway was decorated like an old ship warehouse kind of theme, which was pretty cool, to be honest, and I enjoyed the surroundings

Jordaan Amsterdam

There were a lot of online recommendations that insisted that I visit the Jordaan area for those perfect Amsterdam Photographs. When you see small bridges over canals and perfect boutique places in the background on the gram, know that it was taken in the Jordaan area. Jordaan, Amsterdam (@theranoosharma) I started my walk from the Amsterdam Centraal and put Jordaan on my maps. I started walking towards the location, enjoying the walk to its fullest. The street just outside Centraal is colorful and busy, to say the least. It is lined with souvenir shops, a museum ahem (you know what museum), and an array of amazing looking restaurants. One of the very famous Belgian fries restaurants is here as well; you can easily find it by the never-ending lines that extend out of it! As I started walking, the crowd started thinning, and I was greeted by very cute boutique shops lining up what looked like the world’s most picturesque residential area. There were charming e

A'DAM Lookout Experience

A’dam lookout is supposedly a newer attraction as compared to the other older museums and canals. This stunning building is accessible from a free ferry that you can take from Amsterdam Centraal. If you want some amazing pictures and see how the city looks from the top, this is the perfect place for you. Inner Viewing Deck, A'dam Lookout (@theranoosharma) I booked the tickets online, but you can buy the tickets there as well. I would recommend you guys to go half an hour before sunset so that you can take in the day and night view of the city. They have an inner and outer viewing deck, as it was raining, I stayed mostly in the internal deck. The inner deck was spectacular and spacious. You also get two coupons for a couple of glasses of wine or a drink of your choice from their bar. You can have a drink and enjoy a full bird’s eye view of Amsterdam from all the angles as the deck is fairly big. There are also a ton of seating options where you can sit and look out the am

Museums Of Amsterdam

I love stories and have always loved to visit and immerse myself in the history of the place that I am visiting. What better way to witness the history of a town than to visit the best museums? So, I searched online beforehand for the best museums in Amsterdam. I came across a number of them and read about all my options to choose the ones that I was interested in the most. I found out that Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum were the two best options I would be interested in, I had a day spared for history, and these two were also relatively close, both situated in the museum square, so that was also a plus point. Library at Rijksmuseum Tickets: I always try to book "skip the line" tickets beforehand as you never know if you are going to encounter a big tourist or school group in the line. Many times you may have to wait for an hour or more to enter if you do not have such a ticket. Unless you don't live there, I feel that waiting in lines is a waste of time as you

The Heineken Experience

As soon as you start searching for “things to do in Amsterdam, ” you are bound to come across the Heineken Experience. It’s the story of how a small brewery went on to dominate the global beer scene. Honestly, I am not a big beer fan, but still, this experience intrigued me as I had heard good reviews about it, so I decided to go for it. I always pre-book my tickets for everything that can be scheduled before I land. Heineken Experience was no different; I chose the last slot for that day for the experience. Around 4 pm, I left my hotel and caught a cab to the Heineken Experience address. I knew I would be running a little late but still somehow made it just in time. The place is easy to find but little away from Centraal/ central station plus there is bound to be traffic so leave a little early. As the tour began, I was surprised to find amicable and energetic staff, considering it was the last show. They were super kind and made the whole experience pleasant. Except for the