A'DAM Lookout Experience

A’dam lookout is supposedly a newer attraction as compared to the other older museums and canals. This stunning building is accessible from a free ferry that you can take from Amsterdam Centraal.

If you want some amazing pictures and see how the city looks from the top, this is the perfect place for you.
a'dam lookout amsterdam
Inner Viewing Deck, A'dam Lookout (@theranoosharma)

I booked the tickets online, but you can buy the tickets there as well. I would recommend you guys to go half an hour before sunset so that you can take in the day and night view of the city. They have an inner and outer viewing deck, as it was raining, I stayed mostly in the internal deck.

The inner deck was spectacular and spacious. You also get two coupons for a couple of glasses of wine or a drink of your choice from their bar. You can have a drink and enjoy a full bird’s eye view of Amsterdam from all the angles as the deck is fairly big. There are also a ton of seating options where you can sit and look out the amazing views that the city offers.

They also have a ton of small scale models. I loved the small scale Adam Lookout model, which had these different people in different rooms doing a ton of different stuff. Very different indeed. Check out the full video. (soon)

Centraal View from the top, A'dam Lookout (@theranoosharma)

The outer deck also has a massive swing. As it was raining, the swing was temporarily on hold with people getting rides as soon as the rain stopped. It would be a spectacular experience riding above Amsterdam for all the adrenaline junkies out there, but the weather wasn’t on my side that day, and I just decided to keep it chill.

They also have the iconic red A’dam sign on the outer deck, which is fantastic for photo ops.

When you enter the attraction, you can get a couple of touristy pictures clicked that make you seem like you are sitting on the edge of the building and take them with you as a souvenir at the end.

I enjoyed every second of it. The music, vibe, and view were simply incredible. It is also a perfect date night idea. The best thing I liked about the place was that it didn’t feel very touristy. Especially with a fully functional bar and a lot of parties, I really did love my time there. I would highly recommend you to visit A'dam Lookout.


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