The Heineken Experience

As soon as you start searching for “things to do in Amsterdam,” you are bound to come across the Heineken Experience.

It’s the story of how a small brewery went on to dominate the global beer scene. Honestly, I am not a big beer fan, but still, this experience intrigued me as I had heard good reviews about it, so I decided to go for it.

I always pre-book my tickets for everything that can be scheduled before I land. Heineken Experience was no different; I chose the last slot for that day for the experience.

Around 4 pm, I left my hotel and caught a cab to the Heineken Experience address. I knew I would be running a little late but still somehow made it just in time. The place is easy to find but little away from Centraal/ central station plus there is bound to be traffic so leave a little early.

As the tour began, I was surprised to find amicable and energetic staff, considering it was the last show. They were super kind and made the whole experience pleasant. Except for the cringe mandatory question, “where is everyone from?” And a bunch of people answer their countries while everyone else judges and stereotypes them; it was a fantastic start.

Off-topic, why is this question always asked? Like who cares, I don’t blame them as they have nothing else that is general enough to engage the audience, but still, a better question could have been, “hey what is the maximum number of beers you have had in a day” it will definitely reveal the group’s alcoholics but surely make for a better story time and conversation later on.

The tour was extremely informative with the brand’s history and origins. They had several rooms highlighting How their signature beer is made from ingredients like barley, water, yeast, and something fruit like, you guessed it, for the fruity flavor.

After the mini-presentations, you are whisked to a big room with storage devices where you sample some sweet barley water before it is fermented.

I was also surprised to see a fully functional stable with horses as they were used earlier throughout the “beer making and transporting” process.

An immersive multimedia experience follows all of this. You are asked to take place in a room full of screens, light, and sound. A couple of rooms. They are fun and fabulous. After this is the most awaited part for beer lovers, the beer tasting.

Overall, you get to taste two complimentary beers and an additional smaller one. There is also a beer drafting competition that is extremely fun, and if you win like me (humble much?), you can get an additional beer and a cute token to take back home.

For beer lovers, you can get your name printed on a Heineken bottle for around 7 euros, which is an excellent token to take back home or gift your friends.
heineken experience amsterdam, amsterdam theranoosharma
Heineken Experience (Instagram: @theranoosharma)

The whole experience lasts for about an hour. It depends on how much time you spend drinking the complimentary beers and browsing the souvenir shop at the very end of the experience.

I would recommend it for everyone as it was educational and fun. You do not need to be a hardcore beer lover, and you will still get to experience something new!

You can also use a token to play, and you get your beer. I also got a personalized bottle of Heineken with my name on it that I collected it towards the end of the experience. (The bottle is a paid souvenir.)

There are a ton of restaurants and shops as you exit the Heineken building and walk a little. You can read about the amazing vegan place that I would highly recommend for a lunch or dinner, which is just a few minutes' walk away from the building.

Check out my food posts for that.


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