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6 Tips to travel safely during a pandemic

The Coronavirus outbreak has taken a hit on the travel industry since March. All our travel plans, be it official or leisure, came to a halt due to the pandemic, and now that things seem to be getting back on track, we are all looking for options to make it happen.  Unfortunately, it’s not entirely safe or risk-free to travel during the Coronavirus outbreak regardless of your age, health, or the country you’re visiting. Although the mortality rate of people affected with the COVID-19 appears to be relatively low, it’s recommended to avoid traveling as much as possible to prevent any chances of infection. The best tip would be not to travel if you can avoid it. That’s because people may return from a trip without any symptoms of the coronavirus or health issues. However, they may still be exposed to the virus and risk spreading it to others, such people are called as asymptomatic. There is a lot of government guidance on how to travel safely during a pandemic, and as responsible citize