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How to plan for the holidays? Tips on holiday planning.

Holidays, Christmas, and New year is a magical time for everyone. Almost everybody finds themselves in a jolly mood and ready to have some fun despite the weather. I have always felt that the weather adds a certain magical charm to the celebrations.  Usually, people belong in one of the following two categories. The first category loves to cozy up with family members, watch a movie, and enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate. In contrast, the next type loves to take a vacation to celebrate the new year with dazzling shows, fireworks, and parties.  I have been part of both these scenarios. In my heart, I like the first one better, but you must switch it up too; keeps things interesting! As this blog is about travel, I will be talking about the second category.  If you belong to the second category, September-October is the best time to think and plan your getaway to get in those bookings with the holiday rush. It’s a no brainer that flights and hotels raise their prices as the holidays c