How to plan for the holidays? Tips on holiday planning.

Holidays, Christmas, and New year is a magical time for everyone. Almost everybody finds themselves in a jolly mood and ready to have some fun despite the weather. I have always felt that the weather adds a certain magical charm to the celebrations. 

Usually, people belong in one of the following two categories.

The first category loves to cozy up with family members, watch a movie, and enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate. In contrast, the next type loves to take a vacation to celebrate the new year with dazzling shows, fireworks, and parties. 

I have been part of both these scenarios. In my heart, I like the first one better, but you must switch it up too; keeps things interesting! As this blog is about travel, I will be talking about the second category. 

If you belong to the second category, September-October is the best time to think and plan your getaway to get in those bookings with the holiday rush. It’s a no brainer that flights and hotels raise their prices as the holidays close in. Of course, with the pandemic, you may need to be extra careful this time with your health and hygiene to make sure you have a great trip.

Here are some pointers that can help you to save your time and money so that you can enjoy your vacations to the fullest.

  1. Figure out a destination that is lively and has new year celebrations. You don’t want to be stuck in a sleepy town that doesn’t do much for the new year. The best part of vacationing at this time is the mood—Fireworks, parties, lights, and how the cities are decorated to the maximum. Choosing a potpourri mix of cultural cities like New York and Dubai will give you the best experience, but many people will have the same idea as well. My personal favorite would be a destination like Sydney or Dubai with beautiful fireworks.

  2. After you have chosen a destination, set up email alerts for flights and hotels so that you can get the best deal. Getting a hotel that gives you a view of fireworks or is located in a lively area is the best. Why? Take Dubai, for example; it is extremely tough to get near the Burj on 31st December as thousands of people flock to see the fireworks. Transport and going to and fro is a big hassle. If you have a hotel overlooking the Burj, you will get the perfect view in your own space with your loved ones. What better way to spend your New Year’s Eve?

  3. Do check for the COVID requirements beforehand.

  4. Pack according to the weather of your destination. If you visit India or UAE, pack lighter winter clothes, whereas, for New York or most of the US and many countries in Europe, you will need your heavy coats and snow boots.

  5. Europe is an excellent getaway for people who may be looking to explore more and the party. You can explore 2-3 different countries, and almost every city in Europe has a stunning Christmas market and pub crawls that are even more joyous due to the mood. 

Whatever you do decide to do, make sure you plan ahead! This year has sure passed us in a blink of an eye; you can end it on an optimistic note. As for me, I will most probably be exploring the Sahara desert and looking at constellations in the Jaisalmer sky, which has the most fantastic food, entertainment, and luxurious camping experience ever! Do share what you plan to do these holidays in the comments below!

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