Jordaan Amsterdam

There were a lot of online recommendations that insisted that I visit the Jordaan area for those perfect Amsterdam Photographs. When you see small bridges over canals and perfect boutique places in the background on the gram, know that it was taken in the Jordaan area.

Jordaan, Amsterdam (@theranoosharma)

I started my walk from the Amsterdam Centraal and put Jordaan on my maps. I started walking towards the location, enjoying the walk to its fullest. The street just outside Centraal is colorful and busy, to say the least. It is lined with souvenir shops, a museum ahem (you know what museum), and an array of amazing looking restaurants. One of the very famous Belgian fries restaurants is here as well; you can easily find it by the never-ending lines that extend out of it!

As I started walking, the crowd started thinning, and I was greeted by very cute boutique shops lining up what looked like the world’s most picturesque residential area. There were charming eateries and small
Pubs that lined the streets but in a very scarce matter in the sense that they weren’t back to back, which gave it a very spacey feel. There were many small bridges lined up with flowers in a row overlooking the canals and with the signature bikes parked and locked alongside them. I realized that I was walking through the most #instagrammable area of Amsterdam.

I would recommend you to walk around, find the spots and holes which would make for a fantastic photoshoot. Find the colors that you want and the backdrop that would go with your vision as you are bound to find them in plenty here. I found a beautiful line of buildings that had the signature black Amsterdam color as well as a full angle bend that made for such an amazing click. You can also hire a photographer who preferably is local, and they can guide you around the best spots in this area.

I ended my walk in a cute little boutique cafe with a cup of coffee for that rainy day experience and was so glad to walk around and taking some stunning shots that I could carry home. If you are a couple looking for a romantic walk, I would suggest this area for you for it’s peaceful, beautiful and true aesthetic.

I wouldn’t suggest this area for people in groups or people looking for a good time/party as you would like a place to be more loud and happening and I visited this place at both day and night times, and I got a very peaceful residential vibe from it.


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