Amsterdam Ice-Bar

Amsterdam Ice Bar experience is something you are bound to come across when you search about “things to do in Amsterdam.” I wasn’t for the idea when I saw it for the first time, as I thought it might just be an ice restaurant.

But still, as I wanted to experience everything Amsterdam had to offer, I needed to book the tickets and choose an appropriate time slot for the experience.

Once I reached the place, I was greeted by a statue of a Polar Bear that was standing on its two legs. I had way too much fun clicking pictures with it, so much so that I missed half of the starting movie that they were playing for the experience. You get two tokens for alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks for the bar included in the ticket. Once we entered the area, the cold was evident, and we were given jackets and gloves to put on as we were led to the bar’s entrance.

The pathway was decorated like an old ship warehouse kind of theme, which was pretty cool, to be honest, and I enjoyed the surroundings.

Once the door opened, I thanked my stars that I was already wearing warm layers inside. The temperature inside the bar is -9C and sometimes a little lower than that. The bar is very different and lively. Only your group will be inside, so there is no chance of overcrowding. The walls are all ice, and there are skeletons, ship wheels, and fishes on the wall, which make for an amazing and fun aesthetic. You are given an all ice shot glass, each person gets one, and you are advised not to lose it.
The Icy Walls of Ice Bar, Amsterdam (@theranoosharma)

I loved the vibe and their attention to detail right down to the glass. Their alcoholic drinks menu is limited, and you can choose your poison. It is a welcome treat in sub-zero temperatures, but honestly, you can’t stay there for more than 20 minutes as the cold will start to get to you. There is an in house photographer who will click your pictures, and you can choose to take the picture home later.

You are let out of the ice bar into an area of a regular bar and picture/ souvenir shop. You do have to return the jacket and gloves, and I would urge you to dress warmly beforehand and not rely on their jackets alone. If your tokens are unused, you could exchange them here in the outside bar and spend some more time warming yourself back up.

I loved the experience and enjoyed every second of it. It was something brand new that I got to live. Downing a little sambuca shot in sub-zero temperatures is something I can cross off my bucket list. The interior of the bar was beautiful and made for some great memories! 


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